Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pregnant ticking time bomb!! Your 40 weeks are over baby No. 2!

I am a ticking time bomb!! 40+3 weeks today…waiting..and waiting…going to bed wondering if tonight is the night, waking up in the morning hoping today is the day! He is way too comfortable in there and the further I go along, the more accepting I am that he is not coming out any time soon! 

14 weeks vs 40 weeks

I know I know, 40 weeks is not really overdue! After 42 weeks is overdue but when you are given that due date, it is what you are counting to for your whole pregnancy and when it is here, its hard not to focus on it! 

As soon as I hit 37 weeks I was DESPERATE for him to come out and convinced he was going to be early as my son was. I have been ready and waiting for 3 weeks now and still no signs so I am giving up on waiting and wishing, its not working! I am now accepting that he will come when he is good and ready and I am not going to do anything to force him….even induction! 

As I sit around on my maternity leave drinking tea, stuffing naughty food and watching crap TV I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my pregnancy……my LAST pregnancy!! 

I am not going to lie, I have not enjoyed being pregnant and the 2nd time around has definitely been harder! Obviously the end result is worth every moaning second but I'm allowed to moan, I'm pregnant ;) 

My pregnancy symptoms

So lets start at 6 weeks…..the sickness! I suffer with bad "morning sickness", I did with my 1st Hayden and I did this time too! WHY it is called morning sickness I don't know - mine is called "all day" sickness! It didn't stop till way after 20 weeks and I still have the odd day (including yesterday!) where I randomly get sick! 

Next….heart burn! I suffer with it BAD! Even waking in the morning before I have eaten, I am in pain!  I go through bottles of Gaviscon and packet after packet of rennies….why I bother I don't know as they don't work! 

The sensitive nose!!! Being pregnant turns me into sniffer dog! I feel so sorry for my partner, if he goes to the pub for a quick drink, I think he smells like a raging alcoholic! Any bad smells make me gag and usually end up being sick….the smells are probably not even that bad! 

Being super tired….all the time! In the 1st and 2nd trimester, I could not stay awake past 9pm! Being a baby photographer, I worked my editing around my son which usually meant after he was in bed working till at least midnight every night…..I could not do this any more which affected my turn around times so badly! Thankfully I had understanding clients who have just been in the same situation as me!!! 

The constant peeing…..every hour and even waking up in the night….just to pee… find you have the smallest dribble and woke up for that!!!!!!! 

A very sore back! I had no back problems with Hayden but this time around my back was in agony from around 18 weeks. I started up pregnancy yoga with Beautiful Bumps & Babies and did aqua natal with Turtle Tots Dorset which helped a lot. 

The 2nd trimester was the worst for me…..I was suffering with really bad dizziness even when sitting, my leg and arm on the left hand side were numb and tingly, and SPD reared its ugly face! I was getting shooting pains down my bum and leg, and I felt like I was being stabbed in my pubic bone! I spend a lot of money with Chiropractor sessions which did ease the pain but magically it disappeared later in my 3rd trimester! 

Bump-in-the-way-itus! The big lump under your boobs - it gets in the way! No more squeezing past people or in gaps, no more bending down without groaning, shaving / nail painting is tough, and the worst forgetting it is there and then knocking into things which can hurt!!!! 

Pregnancy insomnia….sleeping when heavily pregnant is not easy! I keep telling myself it is our bodies way of preparing us for the sleepless nights we have ahead! It is so uncomfortable, i find myself rolling around huffing and puffing all night, getting up to pee, rolling around some more, a little more huffing and puffing, oh more peeing! 

Don't get me wrong…..there are some things I do enjoy about being pregnant. I just love a good moan! 

Firstly, just knowing I am growing another life inside me is just amazing. Our bodies are incredible. The thought of growing our little family warms my heart. Feeling him move inside me, seeing my stomach move, feeling his little hiccups, I just love it! 

Next….the eating! I don't care what anyone else says… don't reallllllly need to eat for 2…..YES YOU DO! This is the only time I CAN eat a lot, because I am pregnant!!!!! And eat I did! And I'm still taking advantage now gobbling away until he decides to make an appearance….then the diet has to start (booooo!) 

A few images ripped from my Facebook feed to show I took full advantage of FOOD! 

So now I just wait (im)patiently! I have hit my official due date but I have leeway until 42 weeks to have the dream home birth I am hoping for. He will come when he is good and ready and even though there are so many things I can be doing to get him out, why force him? He obviously needs to cook just a little more. I just can't wait to meet the little dude and introduce him to his brother!!!!! 

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