Saturday, 5 October 2013

Best & Worst recent purchase! Ultimate Blog Challenge #4 & #5

So sorry this blog is late! It is meant to be post number 4 with the Ultimate Blog Challenge for yesterday but I was out all day, came home, did bed time routine with Hayden and went out again for dinner with some friends so blogging didnt quite fit the agenda! 

I was going to do a little blog about my best recent purchase yesterday and another today about my worst recent purchase so il just do them bother together! Lets start on a positive......

On a little trip to Castlepoint Shopping Centre in Bournemouth I visited Lakeland and it was a little haven of (expensive) goodies!!! I have given myself a mental note to never set foot in that shop with my Mother-in-Law as she is the shop browsing queen and I would be stuck for hours! (Love you Carol when you read this :P) 

WELL - I have this little HATE of doing the washing! The whole process from separating it into piles for the right colours, turning my partners socks the RIGHT way to wash them as he has some annoying habit of taking them off and leaving them inside out in the basket, hanging it out on the line for it to then get wet from the rain again to then hang it inside and wait 2 days for it to dry enough to then put it in the tumble drier to make it nice and soft, for it to then pile on my bed for a day or 2, get dumped on the floor one night as I cant be bothered to put it away and then finally putting it which point the basket is full and the whole process needs to be done again! I really hope this sounds familiar to others and im not REALLY a useless housewife (hangs my head in shame) 


Dry-Soon Heated Airer

The Dry-Soon 3-tier heated airer is simply a clothes airer.....which is heated! No more waiting for 2 days for clothes to dry when it is wet and miserable outside! And it only costs 5p per hour!! It was rather expensive at £92.99 but so worth it! Im not usually into gimmicky items but I got sucked in with this baby glowing at me in the shop. You can get a smaller cheaper version too but I need a big one for the amount of washing I do. 

Now for my useless purchase.......

This was a little present for Hayden when taking a trip to Toys R Us.  Daddy spotted it so I think he bought it for himself really. It was the Hot Wheels Sky Jump. It was £30 which we didnt think was a bad price for what it looked like.....we were wrong! 

Hot Wheels Sky Jump
On opening, the toy was in so many little pieces it took us quite a while to fit it together with an impatient Hayden wanting to get his hands on it. The whole thing felt really fragile and cheap. It needed batteries for the motor to spin the cars around the track which was fine, but after a few days it stopped working....from research apparently it is common for the motor to "burn out". 

Even with the motor working, it didnt work! The toy only came with one car which is meant to spin around the track, upside down and round another track......the car made it half way around the loop and then dropped and to top it off, the car didnt fit in the 2nd track! 

We took it back after a frustrating couple of attempts to put it back together and make it work - no joy! Thankfully Toys R Us were brilliant and gave us a full refund with no questions! 

Feel free to tell me your favourite or worse recent purchases with links below! I would love to have a nosy at what you are buying!! 

Samira x


  1. Enjoyed your post! I wish I could participate but I haven't made any purchases lately! Thanks for sharing yours...dropping in from UBC!

  2. Samira, thanks for sharing your best purchase idea, I love it. I hope it's available in the U.S. As for the worst purchase, I fell into that trap many times when my kids were growing up. Toys look so interesting, but when we take them home, they fall apart. Some stores are brilliant like Toy's R Us, others gave us trouble to even consider a return. I'm glad my youngest is over the toys age but he's into more expensive ones: video games!!

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