Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Second pregnancy VS first pregnancy! Ultimate Blog Challenge #2


A late post from my bed all relaxed after pregnancy yoga! Nothing informative or researched, just my thoughts :)

On my drive home I got thinking about how different this pregnancy has been compared to my 1st pregnancy with Hayden.  People have always joked about how your 2nd pregnancy "gets neglected" and in a funny way I do agree! 

I have been so much more lenient this time around, I do have the odd runny egg, I do have the odd steak slightly pink and I do indulge in a coffee or two throughout the day whereas before I was so so strict, NO foods of the "risk list" and I went totally caffeine free! Why?......I dont know? Perhaps because I have done it once before, I feel more comfortable and less stressed about it this time around.

I also remember with my first being able to nap in the day and have lots of relaxation time! I now have a toddler and a business.....lots of sleep is non existent! Me time is non existent! Spare time is something I do not have now - I kept a journal daily of my pregnancy with Hayden, lived on forums with other mums in the same position as me talking about how we are feeling - I dont even have a spare minute to watch television any more! 

But all is not downhill from here.....there are so many things I am doing this time around I WISH I did the first time around. 

Firstly, I am having a home birth this time around. My labour with Hayden was very straight forward.....a lovely water birth with just gas & air. It was all perfect for me other than waiting to get discharged to go home. All I wanted was my own bed but we ended up sitting around for hours on end to get the OK to leave! I just wish the option of a home birth was discussed with me. 

Secondly, I am doing aqua natal and pregnancy yoga classes. I have been doing these classes for almost a month now and they are fantastic. The aqua natal is a gentle exercise for me along with lots of breathing and stretching. The yoga focuses on optimal positioning and breathing techniques to use throughout labour with some learning about how our body works through labour.  

Strangely enough I am really excited for my labour to use these techniques and hope that the classes have helped my body get ready for the labour process. It will be a walk in the park right??? ;) 

I could go on and on but these were my initial drive home thoughts! 

Dont worry little man in there! You are not really "neglected", life is just very different and you will be just as perfect and just as loved :) (and labour will hurt less, plllleaasssse!) 


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  1. And you might have a Pro Tog to "Capture" that Birth

  2. I am looking forward to my 2nd Grandson just as much as I was looking forward to my first and you are right, 2nd time round does seem a bit neglected. Things have changed, working more hours, deadlines etc but I am realllllllllly excited and delighted you are having another son xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx