Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How do you juggle your busy lives? Rant! I wish I had Bernard's watch! Ultimate Blog Challenge #13

Bit of a rant post really! I sit here looking at my to-do list and just want to cry!! 

Why does time go so fast, why can't I learn to use it more effectively? Why cant I own Bernard's watch?! 

Anyone that hasn't seen the program it is about a little boy who has a watch which stops time! Now he uses it to get into mischief but I just want one to be able to get more work done!!! Surely thats fair? 

I juggle a job, a business, a toddler and a home to keep on top of.....for 2 days a week I work a full day so wake up, get Hayden ready for his childminder, work all day, come home, do dinner, try to do a little bit of cleaning, bath & bed time routine then down onto the computer to work again....then bed! My poor neglected partner! 

Another 2 days I do the same thing but I have photo shoots - and then friday is my "day off" where I would love to spend as much time as I can with Hayden but I do have chores to do too! So we always  spend the morning playing and go swimming on a Friday with Turtle Tots and then back home (where he usually has a small nap) so I can get some washing and cleaning done! 

Every night I am glued to the computer working and I really need to get this work/life balance thing into action.......but my to-do list is forever growing....website, blog, marketing, emails, client orders, spreadsheets, accounts!

As of January 2013 I will be on maternity leave so I HOPE this will give me some time to cross lots off my list and start a fresh! 

How do you juggle your busy lives? Is there a secret I am missing? I would love to hear from you! 


  1. I think the secret is to realize you cant do it all and to cut yourself a little slack. Moms are not perfect we do what we can and hope the kids turn out reasonably well adjusted. Now take a deep breath, let it out and know that I, a complete stranger, think you are doing just fine.

    Visiting from UBC

  2. While we are waiting on either the watch or a clone you really should look at this differently. Look at all that you are accomplishing!
    A mentor of mine recently pointed out to me that it's sometimes smarter and saner to outsource some things if you can. Can you ask for help? Or pay for it? What would it be worth to you to pay someone to to come clean house once a week so you have the time to spend with your little one? Or even a hour or two? Just an example but that thinking of what the value is helps.

  3. HI!
    As a mother of six, organic produce farmer, farmers market manager, blogger for 4 blogs, working on several books and a few 'other' things, I understand where you're coming from. Organizing your time visually is the key!
    I am a firm believer and user of lists! My system is to identify on a weekly and daily basis of errands/chores that need to be done. First I write down everything for the week that I have to do, need to do and want to do. By prioritizing your tasks in an effective and efficient order, you'll feel so good and accomplished as you are able to visually see your work get scratched off your list!
    Good luck and saw your post at UBC!

  4. I don't sleep! haha. No I don't know how I managed to study, work, look after Max, keep a home and do photo shoots and blog. I was on the verge of dying. It's easier now!

  5. No secret you have to be organised and the most important thing - make time for yourself! Us women feel so guilty that we don't have time to spend with our kids or husbands trying to be the perfect supermum we neglect ourselves.

  6. I think we all struggle at times... don't try to be a hero, you are only human... ask for help :-)

  7. I think it is something we all feel at times. I have been saying this week how swamped I feel with my to do list too.
    Take a step back, deep breath and things will seem better.
    Maybe you could get a few guest posts, so you can concentrate on other things?

  8. Thank you everyone! I really need to get this balance figured out especially when I have a newborn in the picture. I go on maternity leave in Jan so that will give me a little bit of time to focus and put some processes into place, while juggling a newborn and toddler ;)