Sunday, 20 October 2013

My 2 year old at skiing lessons!! Ultimate Blog Challenge #11

Yesterday was my son Hayden's 2nd skiing lesson! I sadly missed his first lesson as I had photo shoots all day but I was determined to make it this time around to watch!

My partner loves skiing and is determined for us to have a family skiing holiday next Christmas! Now I have never skied but I will learn when I am no longer pregnant! My MIL and FIL will be coming with us so I have no baby excuse not to learn, we have on holiday baby sitters!!!

So we decided to get Hayden learning now so that he is confident on ski's when we go.

We are very fortunate to have a ski centre less than 10 minutes away from us called Snowtrax UK. We were shocked to learn that a 30 minute lesson was just £5.50 including ski and boot hire so we booked straight on!

Even though it is called a lesson, there isnt really much teaching done this early on. There is an instructor to watch over you but it is about teaching your child to balance on the ski's and get used to going down the slope. The instructor tries to encourage your child to bend their knees as they go down but Hayden is only 2 so his understanding isnt amazing. He does bend them but straightens again as he starts to go down the slope.

It is very tiring for Hayden, we have little rests in between taking his ski's off when he asks us as we do not want it to be an un-enjoyable experience for him. It is also tiring for daddy as he has to carry Hayden up the hill each time he goes down.....I have the pregnant excuse mwuhahaha!

Highly recommend if you like to go on skiing holidays, Hayden has great fun and its something different to do!

Here are some images I took of his lesson :)

Daddy getting him ready to go down! 

Weeeeee! He loves it! 

Then daddy has to walk him back up to do it all again! 

They use a dice to keep his interest and he chases it down the slope

Happy to catch it at the bottom! 

They use a hula-hoop to pull them back up the slope so they get used to a ski-lift in future

Thirsty work! 

A proud uncle! 

Wobble wobble.......

And fall down!


  1. Aww. what a little sweetheart! And that's a great price for the lessons - may as well!

  2. looks like he had lot of fun. nice pic. happy UBC.

  3. Aww, he looks like he is having fun! That is a fantastic price! We have something similar nearby, will definitely have to take a look x

  4. I have always wanted to try Skiing, never got around to it. Hayden looked like he had a fabulous time! Great pictures!

  5. Hayden is just too cute and looks like he is loving it but i have to comment on the amount of those pics that had your hubby's bum center stage cheeky lol x